Daniel Bong

Messrs Karunamoorthy & Associates

Daniel began his legal training in corporate practice (merger and acquisition) and had since then migrated into a litigation career which spans across several well-respected firms in Malaysia.
His areas of practice chiefly extend to various areas of litigation practice such as commercial litigation, shareholder disputes, insurance law, insolvency law, employment disputes as well as child custody disputes. His notable experiences in litigation include acting on behalf of foreign official assignee in obtaining cross-border recognition of bankruptcy order and vesting order of properties of a bankrupt, defending a major aviation company based in Malaysia against a suit by a former employee as well as representing third-party victim to resist insurer’s applications to discharge liability to compensate and representing a bankrupt to set aside a bankruptcy order.
In addition, Daniel also spearheaded review and preparation of various commercial agreements including cross-border passenger sales agency agreement with Indonesian counterparties and acting on behalf of Malaysian local music artists in respect of management and licensing agreements with the counterparty being a local affiliate of a global music group.

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